My work is woman-centered and ambitious--playful in structure and serious in content. Read my work on the New Play Exchange.


Katie Gamelli - Abrams Artists Agency




Winter People


Every winter in the Hamptons, locals live in the shadow of the summer people’s empty mansions. When one of those mansions erupts in flames, tensions rise with the smoke, and five families struggle to protect their own. Each actor plays an entire family is this ambitious drama.

  • O'Neill National Playwrights' Conference, 2019

  • Staged reading, Massasoit New Works Festival, 2019

  • Workshop thesis, BU Boston Playwrights' Theatre, 2018

Just Cause

4W, 2M

*Under commission for the SpeakEasy Stage Company Boston Project.

When the abandoned T tunnel under Government Center is re-discovered, Blue Star LLC buys it from the city to build luxury condos. Minimum-wage security guards Harry and Sammy keep watch for squatters, scientist (?) Em scrambles to preserve the tunnel and make $, and Ava (aka the inevitable white liberal) stages periodic sit-ins to protest. But when Something approaches from the darkness of the tunnel, the Blue Star suits start to wonder if there really is a downside to gentrification…

  • Workshop and reading, June 2019

The End Will Hurt

3W/1M/2 gender-fluid

The insidious voices of Facebook and the Food Network creep into the real lives of a family facing the death of its matriarch.

  • Staged reading, The Nora at Central Square Theater, June 2019

  • Reading, She Said Festival at the Boston Center for the Arts, March 2019

  • WomenWorks residency, Tulsa, OK, November 2017

Don’t Give Up the Ship


A mother’s delusion that she is Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry enables her to begin a lesbian


Cap, or, El Límite

4W/2M/4 gender-neutral

Andi is supposed to be the poster child of her charter school, but when she stops being "excellent," the system looks less perfect.

  • Curtainless Podcast, 2018 (in post-production)

  • Semi-finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2017

  • Workshop and reading, Off the Grid Theatre Company, April 2017

Skin and Bones


Katharine, 60s, and Marly, 40s, are from opposite ends of the social spectrum--she's a volunteer theatre usher and he's the bouncer for the fight across the hall. But they are both hiding secrets that demand to be told, and when their small talk doesn't line up, they find a strange honesty rising between them.


DIVAS, a play with opera


Commissioned by OperaHub, this play questions expectations of womxn artists in society, today and throughout history. It celebrates the lives of nine historical opera divas--as they are trapped in an afterlife they must escape. Using music, monologue, and the fact that the space is getting smaller and everyone's dresses are in everyone else's way, DIVAS asks the audience to laugh, cry, and learn about the achievements of these nine heroines. Includes historical musical selections from Puccini, Rossini, Purcell, Gluck/Berlioz, and more.

  • Production, OperaHub, Boston Center for the Arts, June 2018

F. S. B. (formerly titled "Blood Sisters")


Recovering patient Sydney causes chaos in the New Happiness Recovery Facility when her obsession with her friend Lisa leads them both down desperate paths..

  • Table read, VoxFest Alumni Festival, July 2014

  • Table read, Brown University Production Workshop Writers’ Week, Spring 2014


True American Love


An activist sacrifices everything for her beliefs--including some of her beliefs.

  • Production, Dartmouth Displaced Theater Company, Spring 2013

  • Staged reading, Dartmouth Theater Department, dir. Lucas Katler, Fall 2012


Faking It


The stories of three survivors of sexual assault intertwine as they struggle to survive.

  • Production, Dartmouth Theater Department, dir. Jaymes Sanchez, Summer 2011






As Demi considers a potentially life-altering decision, she... turns into a Greek goddess and a chicken? This twenty-minute piece experiments with meta-theatricality, direct address, and sheer impossibility onstage.

  • Production, Theatre on Fire's Cabinet of Curiosities, May 2017

Mary And


Victorian paleontologist Mary Anning is only ten years old when she discovers the skeleton of a Plesiosaurus. And... makes friends with him? This piece follows Mary and Ples' tumultuous relationship over fifty years, from childhood friendship through Mary's "scientific" decision to sell Ples' bones to the Royal Society.



Two sisters grapple with their past in an effort to live their own lives.

  • Winner, Elinor Frost Playwriting Contest, 2012

  • Staged readings, Morrill Memorial Library & Watertown Free Public Library, Playwrights' Reading Room, 2015

  • Staged reading, Triple Play Festival, Winter 2012

  • Staged reading, Dartmouth Theater Department, dir. Baron Kelly, Summer 2012




In this college comedy, two people’s lives are thrown into upheaval just as they are thrown together.

  • Winner, Elinor Frost Playwriting Contest, 2012

  • Staged reading, Dartmouth Theater Department, dir. Baron Kelly, Summer 2012


The Waiting Room


A high school student and her former substitute teacher meet in an oncologist’s waiting room.

  • Finalist, Warner International Playwrights' Festival, 2017

  • Staged reading, One Night Stands Festival, Rhode Island School of Design, 2013


Mourning After


A grieving man hides a secret from his lonely lover.

  • Honorable Mention, 2013 Elinor Frost Playwriting Contest




We the Sisters


Becky's old sorority sister Lara is now a powerful Republican congresswoman... and Becky has a few old college stories aimed to change Lara's mind about her vote to repeal Obamacare.

  • Published by Applause Theatre, Fall 2019

  • Boston Theatre Marathon, May 2018

  • FemNoire, May 2018

  • Little Black Dress INK semi-finalist reading, Jacksonville, AL, 2018

The Coming of the Lamb

3 gender-neutral

When a new animal approaches the petting zoo, the llama, alpaca, and sheep discover what it means to fear the unknown.

  • New Bedford Culture*Park Short Plays Marathon, 2016

Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter


Demeter is fed up with being assigned a racist part in this world. She challenges Hera, the Queen of the Gods.

  • Finalist, Landmark Ten-Minute Play Festival, Chicago, 2015


Good Service


A patron's honest response to a waitress' "How are you?" sparks a confrontation in the middle of the lunch rush.

  • Milton High School Tens Festival, 2018

  • Finalist, Parish Players 2015 Tens Festival

  • Dartmouth Ten-Minute Festival, 2012

The Reincarnation of Fuzzyhead


A kindergarten classroom gets scary when the class bunny dies... and someone has to get in the cage.

  • Milton High School Tens Festival, 2018

Boston Project Commission, SpeakEasy Stage Company, 2018-2019

Finalist, McNerney Playwriting Competition, 2018

National Top Ten, Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival, 2018

Winner, University of Tulsa's WomenWorks, 2017

Semi-Finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights' Conference, 2017

Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Fellowship, 2016

Winner, Eleanor Frost Playwriting Award, Conditions, 2012

Winner, Eleanor Frost Playwriting Award, Fall, 2012

Honorable Mention, Elinor Frost Playwriting Award, Mourning After, 2013


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